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Online Basic Course

Online Basic Course



Economic Evaluation for HTA

Economic Evaluation for HTA



Department of Community Medicine &
School of Public Health

Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment

Course Introduction

Economic Evaluation is central to HTA. Although HTA is a multidisciplinary field that summarises information about the medical, social, economic and ethical issues related to the use of a health technology, but economic evaluation of any health technology is one of the major inputs to conduct HTA. Every decision maker or policy maker gets in dilemma while making decisions and policies. Where to invest and how to invest resources? How to cost for health services? How do we measure the benefits of health care interventions? How to make these valuations of benefits, comparable across programs so as to answer allocative efficiency questions? These and many other questions that come across in the great minds of top level professionals. Therefore, we have made attempt that these questions could be answered and understood through applications of methodologies introduced in this advanced course of health economics.

Objectives of Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment

To enable participants to gain an understanding of:

Commissioning an economic evaluation

Estimate cost of a health care program or intervention

Undertaking an economic evaluation

Critically examine an economic evaluation

Use economic evaluation for policy making

Policy impact of HTA and conducting systematic reviews

To enable participants to develop skills:

To guide a technical specialist on designing and undertaking a health technology assessment

To critically review health care financing and delivery mechanisms for improving efficiency and equity of public health programs

Estimate the cost of health care programs

Be able to critically assess the evidence from economic evaluation and undertake priority setting decisions which allow for best value for money

Course Duration

This course has two components:

Course StructureTime Period
Teaching Module5 months
Learning Project(optional)7 months

Course Contents: Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment

There are six modules wherein each module is to be completed within the timelines that will be provided once logged in the course. Each module comprises of following components:


Video recorded presentation lectures

Comprehensive reading material



Course Teaching & Delivery Methodology

The course is structured to be delivered as an online course.

Each module will be delivered to the participants as two to three video recorded presentation lectures, comprehensively covering a wide range of aspects of economic evaluation.

An upto-date bibliography classified as essential and recommended readings comprising of articles, reports, book chapters, or books will be provided. Care has been taken to recommend material which is freely accessible so that participants do not find it difficult to obtain. We have also tried to provide, as far as possible, the material from the reading list..

Coursework & Assignments

Each module is accompanied with an assignment as suited to its topic. These assignments are specially designed to test the participant’s understanding of the material by virtue of an exercise which may involve a simple excel-based computation, or an exercise which challenges the reasoning skills of participants based on concepts introduced in the lectures.

Participants will be encouraged to complete the exercise and submit it by uploading the assignment at Care will be taken to promote enhanced interactive learning by creation of discussion forums.

Learning Project (optional)

After successful completion of teaching modules in the first five months, the participants will be given an opportunity to experience learning in Economic Evaluation for HTA. Each participant will be encouraged to select their topic of interest for undertaking an economic evaluation as per relevant to their settings. Mentoring and technical guidance will be provided to them on a case to case basis to undertake economic evaluation on topic of their choice or as suitable. At the end of learning project, a report should be submitted by each participant. No separate funding will be provided to any participant for data collection during this learning. There will be no financial implications to the institute.

Course Certification

There will be two separate certifications for this course. One is for the participants who have completed only teaching modules and have not participated in learning project. While the other will be on the successful completion of this course including teaching modules as well as learning project (optional).

Computing Requirements

It is recommended to have a sound access to the internet. A computer with the minimum specifications as laid below will be suitable to access the course material:

Computer with Audio Video support Processor Speed 1GHz Memory 2GB recommended or higher Hard disk space 2GB of available disk space or higher Operating System Windows Vista or higher Resolution Minimum 800x600 or higher recommended Broadband Internet connection with VLC/ Window Media Player/ latest Firefox or Chrome or Safari Browser & with Flash Player

Course Delivery Team

Dr. Shankar PrinjaProfessor of Health Economics Department of Community Medicine &
School of Public HealthPGIMER, Chandigarh

Prof. Stephen JanHead, Health Economics & Process Evaluation Program Office of the Chief ScientistProf. Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. Yot TeerawattananonProgram Leader, Health Intervention Technology Program Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Ms. Chalarntorn YothasmutraHealth Intervention Technology Program Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Ms. Waranya RattanavipapongHealth Intervention Technology ProgramMinistry of Public Health, Thailand

Mr. Blake AngellThe Poche Centre for Indigenous HealthThe George Institute for Global Health, Australia

Economic Evaluation for Health Technology Assessment

Discover about principles, designs, processes &  practical application of Economic Evaluation,  applied to generate robust evidence base for  HTA & priority-setting.

Course Highlights:
Video lectures Interactive Discussion Forums Health Economics for HTA Comprehensive course material

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Online Certificate Course in Basic Health Economics

This course aims to provide participants with  the knowledge and skills necessary to improve  the health systems through the application of  economic principles.

Course Highlights:
Audio Video lectures Interactive Discussion Forums Principles of Microeconomics & Financing Comprehensive course material

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