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The methodology followed during cost data collection and its analysis is presented here. The first document gives a detailed picture of each and every step followed in data collection starting from the type of data to be collected (on the type and quantity of capital and recurrent resources) and its potential sources, followed by in-depth explanation of time allocation interviews. The second document discusses the analytical approach including handling the shared costs, developing apportioning statistics, annualizing the capital expenditure, assessing the total cost of recurrent resources, calculating the unit costs and standardizing the unit costs according to capacity utilization.
Note: These studies report the cost of delivering health care through community health centers, primary health centers, and sub-health centers. Therefore, these estimates present the costs incurred at the level of the health system and do not include the out-of-pocket expenditure.
Table and Figure: Facility-wise current capacity utilisation for the states included in data collection.

Average of Capacity Utilization (%)
State District Hospital Community Health Centre Primary Health Centre Sub Centre
Himachal Pradesh 127 65 69 106
Kerala 24 72 106 94
Odisha 65 549 86 100 114
Tamil Nadu 501 61 98 106
Capacity Utilization (%)
To access the data collection tools used for the CHSI study, please click here.

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